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Prefabricated Building Systems

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With a high strength steel frame, our innovative Prefabricated Building System (PBS) is capable to easily assemble, dis-assemble, and re-install. PBS retains not only an excellent quality selecting reinforced PH-beam (Prefabricated H beam) and Galvalume steel panels but a high energy-efficiency through Double-wall system. PBS is use for hangars, warehouses, offices, accommodations, shipyards, etc.


-Delivered as Complete Kit: Ready to assemble on site by installation manual

-Welding-Free System: Using bolts and nuts only to assemble by unskilled technician

-Fast Installation: 50% shorter work-period comparing others, no heavy equipment needed

-High Strength Light Weight Structure: Earthquake-resistant design, Wind load resists up to 240km/h

-Custom-made Design on sizes, materials, doors, wind-load, snow load, etc.


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